Valencia based editorial portrait and architecture photographerI’m David Rota, a editorial portrait and advertising photographer based in Valencia (Spain). I have been taking photos for many years now, but my turning point was Barcelona in 2008, when my father gave me my first reflex. Ever since, I have been randomly shooting at things and people that caught my eye.

After deep thinking and planning, in June 2013 Common Greatness was born, and with it me having photography as my center of activity, where my career as a professional photographer started. It was also followed by a degree in Artistic Photography by the Advanced School for Arts and Design of Valencia.

I have photographed numerous well-known Spanish celebrities like the journalist Jordi Évole, the Hasselblad 2013 award winner Joan Fontcuberta, the IZAL musician Mikel Izal, the lawyer and politician David Bravo, ex-Pereza’s rockstar Rubén Pozo, Valencia’s mayor Joan Ribó, the poet Rafael Lechowski, adult films actor Nacho Vidal, the psychologist Patricia Ramírez, the businessman Rosauro Varo, Ley DJ, the well known Pedro Cavadas ‘Dr. Miracle’, or most enthusiast Spanish football fan Manolo ‘El del bombo’ among many others.

Besides, I also worked with different publications and institutions like Forbes, The Sun, L’Illustré, Revista Mine, Valencia Plaza, Diario Información, Ploi Media, Spain Media, Valencian Community Agency of Tourism -Generalitat Valenciana (Government of Autonomous Community of Valencia)-, Código Visual, Barcroft Media, JM Audiovisual, Decathlon, Visit Valencia, 500px or Levin & Riegner -among many others-.

Photography takes and completes my days and life. I consider myself as a portrait photographer, which are the ones that I enjoy the most, although advertising and architecture has also a remarkable importance in my work. Another line of work I do is social photography in d’Althea. In every category I look for the order; for an opinioned lighting (meaning, a studied one, with a psychological and reasoned motivation); I look for the cleanness in the picture; for playing with the shapes and respecting the surroundings, using them as a reinforcement or for isolation. Naturalness is essential for me.

Currently I’m based in Valencia (Spain), where I work as freelance photographer, however I usually work in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris or any place where my services are required.


11/2020 @ Harper’s Bazaar Spain

08/2020 @ L’illustré Switzerland

03/2020 @ Agencia Districte

05/2019 @ Amazing Capitals

02/2019 @ Graffica Info

05/2018 @ The Sun

11/2016 @ Ruben Pozo’s website

11/2016 @ Segovia Audaz

11/2016 @ El Norte de Castilla

09/2016 @ Nice Day Estudio

12/2015 @ Cultura Burjassot

02/2015 @ BoHo Magazine

02/2015 @ MAKMA

02/2015 @ Los ojos de Hipatia

11/2014 @ Valencia LeCool

10/2014 @ Lomography

09/2014 @ Yorokobu

02/2014 @ Valencia Plaza

12/2013 @ Diario Información

11/2013 @ VLC News


12/2015 @ Radio Burjassot (Cultura)

01/2015 @ Radio Burjassot (Associa’t)

Public exhibitions

‘Common Greatness’ (Valencia. April 2015)

‘Common Greatness’ (Valencia. March 2015)

‘Carla’ (Valencia. January 2015)

‘Common Greatness’ (Valencia. October 2014)