This photo series called ‘In quarantine’ was developed along with my partner Carla (@grisaceos) and, as the name implies, we did it during Spain’s lock in that took place from March 14th, 2020 until late May, 2020 because of the Coronavirus.

We were confined at home the whole day, only being able to go out to the supermarket or throwing out the garbage. At first we took the most out of it finishing things we had in stand by, painting the house, fixing things that needed to be fixed and so on, but when all that was over there wasn’t much we could do to spend our time, so we did this photo series imitating famous or iconic pictures that we love.

There was only a convenient premise: for obvious reasons we could only use what we had at home (except for those small things that I could buy in the supermarket while doing the weekly shop) and the background had to be as neutral as possible since we couldn’t go outside and I’m not a fan of faking backgrounds in Photoshop.⁠

Not only was a great way to have a good time, but also to play around with lights and composition, studying some of my favourite photographers way to light their portraits and how they compose them. It also was good to learn how they use colors or black and white shades.
Honor them was the idea too, since I studied their work while I was graduating from Artistic Photography in Valencia’s EASD (Spanish initials for School of Arts and Superior Design).

The person I’m imitating it’s in the picture’s title and inside parentheses the name of the photographer, unless I couldn’t find the author’s name.