Coronavirus impacted in our lives in so many shocking ways. It meant hospitals close to collapsing, death, anxiety, fear, and in Spain it also meant one of the longest and hardest quarantine’s experienced in the world.
For two months and a half we weren’t able to go out unless it was for basic activities, such as throwing out the garbage or doing some shopping in the supermarket. As a result the streets were completely empty, without a single soul walking around.
That scenario was totally dystopian and scary. Valencia, a city full of life any time of the year with completely crowded bars, restaurants, streets, parks… All the sudden was empty. A city with almost 800.000 residents registered and near 2 million tourists visiting the city per year showing no cars on the streets, no people walking around, not a single store open. An incredible loud and social city was completely quiet.

And that’s what this photo reportage shows. The city in a way it was never meant to be: with no one around.