It was 2015, Carla and I where studying Artistic Photography at the EASD (Valencia). It was my first year and Carla’s second year. We had never talked or crossed paths by that time. I noticed a tall girl with Japanese-like eyes. I use to see her at the school’s corridors but I never knew how to start a conversation with her… Until the last day of school before summer break. It was Carla’s last day at school and we weren’t going to see each other again. A very loved teacher of us (Enrique) showed me a picture of her that he took her a few days back. It was taken with a very peculiar lens, in a very bad light condition, so he wanted to show me the result without none of us knowing what that picture would imply.

And that’s how a picture got us together. Thanks to that picture, and that teacher, I knew that the “tall girl with Japanese-like eyes” was Carla and that picture was the perfect excuse to talk to her.

Two weeks from that moment we kissed for the first time, 6 months from that moment we started living together and 8 years from that moment I’m uploading this gallery.

The funny thing is that I’m from Altea, and Carla studied Fine Arts there. Even more: we lived 20 meters away from each other. Literally the next building. But it was in the EASD where we met each other.

So here’s some pictures of her taken during the last 8 years.