I have been developing this job since 2013 and I still do. The basis of it is psychology and it is divided into 3 aspects: how they see us, how we see ourselves and how we are.

«How they see us», or subjective image, relies on photography and the interpretative portrait that I make of the person, using the various tools proposed by photography: proximity/distance from the focal point, or physical distance from the person being portrayed; hardness and direction of the light; contrast; diaphragm; framing; gestures; expressions; movement (physical or photographic), etc.

«How we see ourselves» and «how we are», or objective image, is studied based on what the person chooses to write about himself or herself, in their own writing, as well as the means they choose to tell it: a childhood anecdote, a moment that marked them, a personal description, the lyrics of a song, an excerpt from a book. The type of paper –with or without texture, lined, graphed, blank–; a rough draft/a final copy; in pencil, pen or marker; bright or neutral colors; underlined, crossed out, corrected, with drawings, etc.

Writing can even speak of the scientific, or pseudoscientific, image of a person by using graphology, which would determine what people convey with their handwriting: more or less stylized, with or without misspellings, with or without decoration, legible or illegible.

Ultimately, there is an attempt to encourage personal reflection: that the portrayed be placed in front of a blank sheet and think that writing serves as an exercise of self-knowledge.

Therefore, an opinion and a truth, and they are the spectators who choose if they stay with both or one of them.